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q. um. who are you, eh?

a. sunnish! but my real name  is a m y.  wow.

q. name stuff you like, if you won't mind.

a. today it's cheesecake. tomorrow it might be chocolate chip cookies. yesterday, it was english muffins. by next friday it will be powdered sugar.

    moonlight, sunsets that stain the sky and distract me when i'm driving.
    warm winds, cold pools. music that i can sing to, music that i can't
    sing to but wish i could. thinking i'm so damn smart, getting good
    grades. movies that i find on tv, movies i've been aching to see.
    dreaming, day dreaming. studying all day long for exams until i get
    a headache, lying. being vague, trying to be funny. framing the
    perfect picture in my mind, having the camera to actually take it.
    headphones that don't fall out of my ears, free music on the internet.
    writing stories and poetry, painting stories and poetry.
And here is more info,

updated for the late 21st century:

I love flying in my hovercraft
my robot maid allows me time for playing with my robot dog
(Oh wait, those dogs really do exist now don't they?)

december 2001:

either i'm in Grade 10, or my fourth year of college

i'm now a dark brunette, or have blonde highlights

my dog's a mini shnauzer, or my tuxedo cat's name is nosey

i live with my mom, or with two other girls

i have a great job, or i'm counting the days til i quit

i am single and desperate, or hooking up and less desperate

painting wooden objects for christmas, or making bracelets

my new friends are awesome, or i hate my old ones

i love doing the crossward puzzle, or i just watch jeopardy

i tear out sexist magazine ads, or i devour cosmo

i cannot drive a stick shift, or my car is circa 1977

my room is painted dark red, or not

i'm either here, or out



March 4, 2002:

 Here is question that has had me thinking recently:

Do you think that people really live?

I mean:

Do they go out and do something that means something?

Do people do what makes them happy?

Do people find adventure and love?

I really want to know if people are living...

because life is not a test, I say go live it.....