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Not you


I don’t hate you.

I will say a thousand things–
every last one
about injustice,

Not one about you.

You are love
and tenderness,
the warm summer sun streaming
through our window this morning.

I will shout at the television,
at sexist commercials,

I will correct those that speak
with outdated, incorrect terms.

Do not take this personally,
you did not create this,

Do not be offended,
I am only trying to teach you,
to erase the learning of a thousand years
that you take for granted.

This is not about you,
nor is it about me, despite that look on your face,

This is about shaking the world from slumber,
cooing, then shouting for her to open her eyes.

And yes.
I know what I just said,

Can we just get out of bed now?

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