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the forest


My sister laughs as

we dance through the field of our youth,

swirling over the soft green grass

we speed down the hill at the edge,

my sister, a blur of blue,

nears the woods,

I shout, running, grabbing her,

I detail the dangers of the forest, the trees,

Her eyes widen, curious,

she has never seen so many trees, so many choices,

I tug at her, crying,

but she wants the choice,

she smiles and turns to me

she proclaims her love of grass, and fields, of safety

and yet, she has the yearning for something more,

slowly i turn, to face the trees,

and the forest is not as dark as i remember,

a light shines through the curved branches,

My sister smiles again, teeth shining,

tells me there are more choices than trees,

we will guide each other, she says,

as she lifts the branches, and shows the way.

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