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She's Alive! 

Sunnish tries to remember this blog. Looks like I completely have. Well, I've just re-emerged from the ether just so this thing doesn't look so silly. Or maybe by posting every 4 years that makes it look more silly. Hmmm....

I think I may open up a new blog, or totally revamp this one. I'd like it to be more public though, def.

That's it for now. Have a happy 2006 (through 2010) if my record stands ;).


sunnish says hi. yes to you... Hi.. (That is all)


Yikes! I tried to view my last post and all that appeared was the code.. then I refreshed it and it was okay. Blogger, you are a strange creation. Should I switch to diaryland or Livejournal? Are they better/more reliable? Will they actually make me want to post instead of reluctantly coming in here?

I've gotten back in touch with a few old friends. That feels so fantastic. It's just been email for now, but I am planning on getting together with a former best friend after exams. We were best friends from grade 5 til last december (fourth year university) so we miss each other, and will not be in the same city next year. I hope it won't be to awkward to see her! Okay, my mom has broguht me food, I'm out!

sunnish is happy,.. sunnish tries to be anything but happy.

blogger, dear, you are messed up, but I shall try anyway.

I got accepted to the University of Maine! I will be going to grad school! Yikes. Crazy. I'm scaerd. Hold me?

It's one month for me and a special someone on Monday. He remembered. Yeah. That rocks.

What else is new? I'm busy as hell. Actually, I was busy, now I just have to write a thesis, and do one exam. Yipee!

Hummmmm... I will post this to see if it is actually working, or did I waste my time.


sunnish says a simple hello... really she is testing blogger, because he is being a bad boy....


sunnish tries to figure out what cosmic beings have aligned the stars and planets in such a manner that she would actually update two days in a row...

Actually, it is the same day, just about 20 hours later. Oh ma gawd!

The reason is that I just got a call from a University I am applying to... they need more stuff .. application stuff (it's all in the mail) Dearie me, this is big. It sounds so great. I really just cannot beleive that I got called about this, they must be interested. Wow. (!!!!)

My friend is kinda mad at me. That sucks because she has never been mad at me. I know it will blow over but I'm bummed and staying in tonite. (Yes, it's Friday) Besides, I have very important research to conduct tomorrow so I must be refreshed and ... well... awake n stuff. I'm doing scientific experiments on boys! Oh I wish, (okay, I'm only half lying)

Do you hate it when I'm so vague? I love it. You know, if that helps you answer the question....

Going now, I'll be back soon. Theoretically.

Of all the things I ever said..

sunnish tries to be poetic...

Hello, you, I have the hugest crush on you. Can I just say that I am in grade 9 again and you rock my socks? Yes, clean thoughts, I am so young, innocent (whatever)

Maybe I will say something, but no ... ::pushes up glasses with tape holding them together:: I'm a geek.. A dorky, young acting, obvious desperate geek.. awww. That's okay. ::self-love:: awkward crushes are neat! (Oh, I just can't win, can I)

Well, that made no sense.. Don't you love how I just shoot myself down? Super.

Anyway, I will tell you the date, because blogger seems to want to ignore that little detail. It's March 1. Wow. Time flies when you are taking an overload of classes, working, writing papers, writing a thesis, sending out grad-school applications, wondering about old friends, eating in the cafeteria, wasting time online, crushing on various cute boys, freaking out about the appearance of a long-time-ago-obsession boy.... Yes, time flies when you are lazy too, but ahhh..

What is new with you? How rude of me not to ask?

(Email me, I'm lonely, and desperate, .. you can't lose)


okay, happy mid-december, happy non-happy....

sunnish tries to cheer up. sunnish tries.

thinks of people, happy people, christmas people, and people in love that live like movies.

What is wrong with that? With living like movies? Can you say you do not want that? I'm talking about the happy endings, of course. The happily-ever-afters. They exist, right? They are as real as the characters in the movies.

Well, I made a documentary. Those people were real. Are real. They are still real. I love most of them, of course I am biased, because I was in the documentary. So perhaps I do live in the movies. But all I did was make a face, a funny face. Just a joke, you see. I don't think that counts. I'll have to create my own movie. I will star, write, and direct. Someone else can do the lighting, I hate lighting. Though get my good side, please. I do have one. (I'm halfway to stardom)

I really just want the serendipity, I want the perfect words (they don't have to be perfect perfect, just moment-perfect), I just want that love tingle, I want the weather to match my emotions, and I want trippy music when I walk. I just want the boy that brings the serendipity, and the in-jokes, and the smiles, and glances (to the camera) and the trees and starlight.

I want to live like movies,

Is that too much to ask?


sunnish tries to sneak in here and pretend that she has not only posted once in 2001..... Oh you noticed? And you also noticed that it's December? Well, aren't you a smart cookie...

Well, the last post I tried to make was absolutely fabulous, but it was eaten. But that was in the summer, so, like, no excuses right?

here is my life: I quit my job, cut and dyed my hair, made new friends, went on my first blind date, got me a boyfriend... Damn, and life is good. I am also in love with myself, because i am perfect.

I have been completely inspired lately to write more poetry. I think it's just been my upbeat mood, I have to get that creative side out of me, and it flows quite nicely when my netscape composer is open. It may seem low, but read between the lines, baby, i can barely keep the smile off my face. Don't I deserve happiness?

Now on to current events: My town is small, cold, and boring (yet filled with all these new people, where did you come from new cool people?) The world is fighting wars that I want nothing to do with. i hate when people die, yes, even characters on soap operas (why ryan? wh-hy-hy?!) (that's y&r, btw) So, if that's the saddest thing near me, I am the luckiest person on earth, except whoever is in Heath Ledger's bed.. .. erryumm....

::sorry got distracted:: Damn, and this being my "return" post. Oh well, I will have to fill the pages with posts, links, etc, so you do not notice.. I love you......


sunnish tries to remember this odd contraption. What means 'blogger'?

Well I've been off on an African Safari for a month, followed by a delectable jaunt in the Alps, with various flights of fancy between. I must say that I'm energized, relaxed and full of vigor and lies!

I am now thoroughly invested in all of these silly reality shows that have been hitting the airwaves. Survivor, the Mole, Big Brother, Survivor II, ... But not Temptation Island. No way, that's where I draw the line on my voyerism. I would proabably watch the Real World too, but as I'm not American and don't receive MTV, I do not watch it. Ahhhh the real life drama! the intrigue! the sex! Oh wait - I said that I didn't watch Temptation Island, didn't I?

Actually, it is all very interesting as now I am fully immersed in my Communication Degree. So basically, I'm watching these shows for research sake. I mean, the ethics of an isolated group of people is a very worthwhile topic. I have to study what people say, how they act, what they wear, and dammit I have to figure out who the Mole is!

Speaking of which.. it's on in 6 minutes! Gotta run!


sunnish tries to pretend it's not been a month since she's been here. I've been terribly busy.

::runs away::

::runs back:: Okay, I'll stay for a bit.

I have to find a piece of oral literature to perform for a class that I'm in and damnit I'm having a hard time finding one. What's a girl to do? Shakespeare for pete sake? Like there are any long monologues by a woman... Hmm.. Help me? Oh you can't, because _noone_ reads this, okay sure. I don't want to have to resort to something I've written myself which is allowed. if only this silly thing wasn't worth 30% of my mark.

Okay, my brain mysteriously empties when I start writing this... oy the pressures.


sunnish tries to stay awake.

I founD a teeny tiny M&M in my bag. Should I eat it? I'm afraid of the mutant M&M! It also has no m printed on it as well, if that helps your decision making process.

Weekends are too short. What would be the problem with adding one extra day to the weekend? It would make life much more enjoyable, people would be happy and worldwide peace would ensue. Hell, it might even give me a chance to do my laundry.

Lack of inspiration flows from me freely,
enjoy your day,
remember to smile and sing outloud outside
watch the trees change color
anticipate holidays
and snowy weather


This evening, sunnish tries to log in to her tripod account and .. dammit .. Erg! Eep! .. Damn thing thinks I am putting in the wrong password! Like I don't know my own password! Sheesh, the nerve of them!

Today is Saturday the 14th. Now that date is just as bad as Friday the 13th. It certainly is. Well actually today was quite nice, it was yesterday that was "unlucky" for me. Basically that means that it sucked, was stressful, and altogether sucked. (Did I mention that it sucked?)

Not to sound so pessimistic, here is a funny story to demonstrate the stupidity of people. Yesterday I was listening to the radio on the drive to class, and always in the morning the dj person talks to somebody at a car dealership, talking about car deals and all that. So yesterday they were talking about the fact that it was Friday the 13th and also a full moon. Well the car dealership guy says "Wouldn't it be crazy if Halloween fell on a Friday the 13th?" He ponders this for a moment, then says "I'm sure it will happen sometime." Tee-hee.

Go here. Now. The Hunger Site and you can donate food to people that need it. It's a great site.

Ok, there's my community work done, officer.

(And my link work done as well)

Woo! I'm boring!

I'll be back later, when I'm filled with fresh inspiraiotn! Or inspiration... yeah, that's it...


sunnish tries to feel a year older.

And... sunnish.. fails!

Really, I had my birthday a few days ago and dammit, I don't feel any older at all. Not that I'm now old or anything, and since life is just a continuum one can never expect to feel a year older at all. I'll have to make do with feeling about 13 years old for the rest of my life.

Do you find that after watching a British film or television show that you start talking and thinking in a British accent? Right now I'm think and typing to you lot in a British accent. I love the weird phrases. I'd love to have this accent naturally. Blimey, but I dont.

I suddenly cannot sleep anymore. No matter what time I go to bed, early or late, I'll wake up about six hours later, unable to fall back asleep at all. It's really not fair because I would like to be getting about nine hours a nite. I've really got to get rid of these bloody bags under my eyes.

Right then, I've got to bugger off to the car park and fetch some petrol..

sunnish laughs.half heartedly....
(this blog was pointless right?)


sunnish tries to focus on the moment

I think everything that I experience in my waking world is somehow finding its way into my dreaming world. I can no longer distinguish my dreams form night dreams and day dreams. As I awake in the morning the dreams I am experiencing do not end, but continue on. I wake up, look around, and can close my eyes and the dream comes back as vivid as before. I've continued these dreams for more than an hour. I'm enjoying this more than I can describe. It's like having the power of a vivid, exciting, realistic dream, and being able to make sure that it does not end. But I'm not really controlling the dream at all, it flows naturally without much conscious help from me. And I can remember every detail. It will all end when I start class and cannot linger in bed anymore. That's too bad, because I think I'm on to something here.


sunnish runs off to bed.


afternoon to you chappie

I'm actually looking forward to watching the mtv music awards tonite. Is that sad? I'll answer my own question with a big yes. Though, of course, this show is not as enjoyable as their movie awards, which is just hilarious.

I was watching muchmusic earlier, (i live in Canada), and the girl interviewer was in New York. It was enjoyable because i was in NY earlier this summer for the first time. I had a great ole time. Or new time. I'd have to say that it would be very fun to go with a group of friends. I went with my sister, dad, and stepmom, which was an ok group, but really not as fun as it could have been. The thing about New York is that you can do any thing that your heart desires. My heart desired to go to all the touristy things, but I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. And shopping, dining, clubbing with friends is kick-assy. (hmm.. right)

I'd also like to go to Las Vegas with a bunch of friends. I'll have to wait a year til I'm 21. That would be great. Las Vegas is a Disneyland for adults.

Another great city is San Diego. Apparently it is the healthiest city in the United States. I can certainly see why. The weather is sunny, and warm all year round. Also, everyone 'lives' at the beach, so people want to make themselves feel and look better, so they work out a lot more. I should really move back there!

_______________ _____________ ______________

Today, sunnish tries to not get swept up in her daydreams so that she can actually get on with her life. If only her brain could write, then there would be a multidude of manuscripts ready. But alas, the thoughts come too fast for her clumsy fingers. (and besides, the pen and paper are always a hundred miles away when the thoughts flow fastest)

Yesterday, sunnish tried to stay asleep to keep ahold of the dreams that confounded her night. The myriad of images made her wonder what was real. Day and night blend into one, and this makes her happy.

Tomorrow, sunnish will try to keep pop culture out of her dreams, but she is oh so easily influenced.


today sunnish is trying to stay awake.

i've really got to get to bed earlier. after weeks of staying up late, my life falls into an unhealthy pattern. it's four o'clock in the afternoon and i'm falling asleep at my computer. that cannot be very good! so tonight i shall get to bed by midnight, now that's nice and early.

class starts for me next week. i'm a university student. i'm sort of looking forward to getting back to school. sometimes it's nice to have a routine to stick to rather than my random work shifts. i'm also nervous about going back to class because i have to really get my marks up. i really have to. or else... well.. i'll be in deep sh!t.

i burnt my hand yesterday. that was due to my inherant klutzyness or stupidness, i'm not quite sure which. i had made a pizza, and had slid the shelf in the oven out to take the pizza out. i only had one oven mitt on, and of course i use the unmitted hand to push the shelf back in without thinking. my skin singed immediatly. it hurt for the whole rest of the day as i clutched a baggie filled with ice to numb the pain. i even went to bed holding onto that damn baggie. and, in case you were concerned, it's feeling much better today! there's just a line of wrinkled up skin running along my palm and on one of my fingers. the moral of this story is to wear two oven mitts. duh!

i should actually put a link here right?

ok, here we go:
this has movie reviews and news. i enjoy this site because i usually agree with the reviewer. he seems to like a lot of science fiction/geeky things which aren't my style, but that's ok.

right, that's all i can think of for now. i'll add more linkage later on.


good morrow cuz'

this would be day number one, after several attempts.

today was filled with memories, and rain. there was this tv show marathon on today, with shows i haven't seen for years, so i watched for hours. i won't tell you the show though.

then i went crazy with the digital camera, i hope my father forgets that i have that, i'd like to keep it forever, or until i can afford my own. until then, i won't mention i have his.

i hope no capital letters don't drive you (people) crazy. it's not lazyness that makes me do it, i feel they look better. if you disagree, and i feel you might, then send me an eight page essay on why i should use capital letters in this teeny tiny forum which will be read by no-one. oh, but don't go on and on about the fact that no-one will read this, you're only likely to hurt my feelings. oh hell, just send me a note telling me to stop my pseudo-smartness, ok? or just send me a note? (is my desparation apparent?)

and this, err, place is called 'sunnish tries'. sunnish is me, and i try, often, to do things. these things include writing things that other will people get. well that's a rarity. also, sunnish tries to get a life, oh how sunnish tries. perhaps sunnish should try to not write in the third person. but if sunnish is my other personality, then wouldn't it be called writing in the fourth person? surely there cannot be anything wrong with that?

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