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there is so much shit within this world
it is unbelievable   so those who cannot
see it choose to ignore it   and we spin
among the clouds and disillusionment
happens not only in dreams   we try and
try to ignore and then we do   and when
we can finally smile at ourselves the
mirror shatters and we see beyond.

when you sleep in  dear beauty  you miss
the first light of day   the sunrise is
seldom seen  but  oh   glorious is its wonder
if you sit real still you can feel the
earth spinning through the sky   from far
far away you cannot see the cities or the
people   all you see is the land and the
ocean beneath the clouds.

we watch the plastic people on the television
they speak and we laugh   they sit still and
we cry   i have seen it with my own eyes
the beautiful artifice of real life drama
oh  my heart  images speed across the planet
and we stay indoors   our eyes turned inwards
upon the thoughts of others   and we lose sight
of ourselves.

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