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spelled in the familiar way

                   the repetitions stirred me

                             and i read :

'A fate worse than fate',  she thought to herself.
The walk was long and her legs were
beginning to ache.  Glancing up towards
the night sky she quickly caught sight of
the moon again.  A patch of grass betwixt
the trees invited her to lay upon it, and
    as she stretched her sore body she
concentrated her eyes on the light of the
moon, for it gave her an alternative to
thinking.  After several minutes, she
gave up and passed into a deep sleep.


He was walking so quickly that he almost missed her completely.
The gods were with him as he caught sight of the sparkle deep within the wood.
It was the light of the moon in her eyes as she lay on the ground.
He froze completely, afraid she had heard his stumbling through the dark,
but she made no move, and then
the light from her eyes was gone,
and she was asleep.

i knew the end to that one


a beginning