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i love you, man

take this as it is,
I love you, man

and woman, be assured,
I love you more.

boy, I will hold you forever,
but I shall push you girl,

I shall push you to heights,
I shall clear the ladder and make room,

I shall shout above and beyond
here comes my girl, my woman, my she,

because, boy, you have already seen
the top of the green mountain,

and I know you enjoyed the view
and I know you canít come down,

and no, we donít need your hand,
we have our own hands, and voices, and strength

we shall see our mountain too,
and climb to the very peak,

we shall carry our pink flag
and poke it into the green summit

proclaiming love,
proclaiming peace,
proclaiming nothing, even,

just enjoying the view,
the love, man.

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