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      (the one with the guitar and the voice.
                            you know - the one with the blue blue eyes)

Wait. And then all the others were always there crying out to you. They all shouted and screamed and loved loved you so much. I declared my feelings through my eyes, and what I saw was the turn of your head.

Signing your name on bits of paper. Items otherwise thrown away valued and framed.  They were always there for you and you thank thanked them. Im trying to get to you and being pushed back by swarms, and I fall.

Burnt out cigarettes that you’ve quit for me, I see them where I shouldn’t be. You are on stage. I am in your room. Sitting on your bed stare staring at where my picture used to be, covered over by golden figures and glassed records and something else. Me covered over by you.

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from whence we came