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Does it scare you that
they can take an entire existence and   boil   it down to
a few meaningless sentences (in a newspaper) ?
Phrases  which are not in any way connected
to the things they describe?   Does
it scare you that when you are gone they can write   something   about you,
and miss any thing that meant  anything?

Does it   scare   you that in one thousand years
you will  have  not existed ?  The famous ones have
lies told about them
anyways,  maybe they will be named or framed in a  history text-book
 somewhere. (pen filled eyes)
A  typicality of a world that they had   no   contact with,
(but they sure defined it.)
Does it scare you that
no one will care about you when you are         long gone?

Does it scare you that your own child can
 yell at you and
never understand?
She(he ) really only cares about the  superficial  friends, and
screaming and lying
to you is easy. She's the one that marks her books, she's the one that mocks the world.
Does it scare
you that      she used to be you
     and now she cant wait to get  away ?

(or that you used to be her)