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i donít mind


Take my skin.
my fat.
my thighs.
i donít want them anymore.

pump up my breasts,
pump me full of chemicals,
high heel pumps,
itís okay, my ankle is only twisted

i donít want my body anymore.

give me something real--
give me cigarettes
give me hollowed cheeks
 and toilet bowls

bind my feet,
cover my face, my hair, my body,
pluck the offending rib from my chest.

push me down.
rape my body, okay, fine,
rape my mind, yes, that too,
let me think i deserve this.

tell me i am dumb,
and ugly,
and crazy,

do not listen to me cry,
do not listen to me shout.

it is easy for you because your dad did it,
your brother shows you how,

it is easier for me,
i was born with it.

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