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Christmas - almost still,

less that 24 hrs later, but too many for it to still be Christmas.  Woke at 945 to awake the family.  Presents and orange juice, and Aunt Glenda's house. Babe the pig and Spice Girls- that's Jocelyn. Christopher, hockey crazy 8's. And Caelin and the horses. and home again quick.

Amazing sunset,  where is my camera?

feels like a painting outside.  The perfect scene of burning sky orange and maroon glowing, smudged against the few clouds, all reflected in a partially frozen lake.  Evergreens silohetted.

My camera is at home, and we are in a speeding car.

Pictures at home.  Goofy smiles, santa hats, and Caper too. (in front of the tree, which we moved this year)   (I guess last year something had to remain the same)  poetry books, and music by men sung through headphones, next to a blazing fire. Then, due to boredom, the movies.

I'm sneezing and i better sleep.

To end on a happy note, it was a lovely day, the sun shone the whole time.  glorious light early this morn when all was quiet. Christmas sun reflecting on  the soft snow, filtered through my blinds.  Peaceful beautiful morning noon and  night.

[ed note --- cheese factor seems high, but it's all so damn accurate. it's true life cheese, if you will]