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These things we write can never be.
The elevated heights of ancestral poets/

///Whos on that late nite show tonite?/

   We we we we we are.
     Wait.   I mean-= they are.  <The eternally dull

|the boring)

Trying everything to avoid The Unavoidable.
 You! Singing now of loftier thoughts.
   And me. . . television programs. (2am-)
(official debates.. trying to laugh and pretend it doesn’t  really   matter)

AND You Said Unto Me” : Please come Back here, Darling. I love you, so much, so deeply.
And also, I’am sorry for all the things I did. And also. I Love You” ™ ® ©

.   .   .  . eyes so clear   you see beyond me

AND even yesterday. in the quiet clear morning. blue skies pouring their essence softly through the open window. blue eyes, cloudless.  After love. and  warm bed. we didn’t rise til noon.  [how much can one change before they become the same again?]

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